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About Jerre


Hi, my name is ‘Jerre’ a Freelance photographer, guide and adventurer. I travel around in my 4×4. And love to show you the beauty of mother nature throughout the world. I am not that guy that loves to stand in every picture,  it is all about the places that I pass throughout my journey

About Jerre

Photography is a passion for me.  And every photographer wants to give their photos a unique look, a signature that their customers and admirers appreciate and recognize immediately.

I take my inspiration from many sources – classic photojournalism, abstract art, film, etc. – I want to provide my customers with a unique look and feel. Colors and dynamic lighting create a strong positive emotion for the viewer, who in turn make an impression about the work. I work on location with both the available light and adjustable lighting, depending on the needs of the customer and the subject. I am best known for my travel adventures, where I suck everyone into my story.
But also as an event photographer, where the colors and emotions splash out the pictures’  captured forever. With clients as ‘Studio 54’,  ‘Antilleanse feesten’, and ‘Winterland Hasselt’.

Straightforward, and dedicated! That’s how I work….


Photographer, Guide and adventurer


Molenstraat 11 bus 4, 3990 Peer

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