Discover the world through the lens of Jerre. My photos and stories are not only shown here on this blog they are also published in leading newspapers and magazines such as ‘Het Belang van Limburg’, ‘VRT NWS’, and many more, showing captivating moments of celebrities, natural beauties, vibrant events and awesome places.

Reach: From Bokrijk to the Thundra of Norway, my work highlights the beauty of wondrful destinations, supported by brands such as AS ADVENTURE and Deuter. I am grateful that my photos bring events back to life, like Winterland Hasselt with more than 1,000,000 visitors, as well as major indoor parties like Studio 54 with 10,000 visitors, and of course, the world’s largest Caribbean festival, the ‘Antilliaanse Feesten’.

Recognition: Collaborations with well/less-known figures/groups or brands, my photos strive to inspire and connect.

My photography offers a window to stories worth telling, captured through a lens that embraces the world in all its diversity.

Here’s a glimpse of my published/shared photos.

Editorial, Press


Editorial, Press