About Jerre

A word of my own

Jerre in the mountains

With a passion for discovering unknown landscapes and a deep appreciation for local cultures, I see myself as more than just a tourist, I believe the word traveler fits me better. I always try to be a part of the landscape wherever I am, seeking authentic experiences that go beyond the typical tourist route. From remote villages to lesser-known natural wonders, I am always looking for new adventures to experience and share.

With my unique perspective on travel and my determination to avoid mass tourism as much as possible, I hope to inspire others to discover and respect the world in a more meaningful way. I believe that discovering unknown places and experiencing different cultures is the key to creating a rich and fulfilling life story, and I am determined to write my own story as a landscape explorer at heart and soul.

About Jerre

Jerre’s whole life revolves around adventure. Ever since he was little, “As a young child, his mother couldn’t keep him in his crib. He would crawl out every morning at six in search of adventure.”. His life continued with adventurous summer camps and scouting, and years later, he decided to join the military to continue his quest for adventure.

During his first vacation with his girlfriend, Jerre decided to buy a camera that was better than the average disposable camera. He always borrowed his mother’s Mamiya camera before he bought this one. The digital camera came with a manual that he was too lazy to read, so he enrolled in an evening course. From there, his passion for photography grew.

Jerre made headlines at school because of his report on a luxury escort service in SM, and his career in event photography took off because of his unique ability to capture light. He has had the honor of photographing events such as Studio 64, Antilliaanse Feesten and Winterland Hasselt, etc…

To relax after foreign missions with the army, Jerre started solo trips with his overlander to Iceland and Norway. His Instagram account grew to 20,000 followers, and he unintentionally became a social influencer with his adventurous travel photos. He made connections with the local people in Sapmi and even learned from the Sami people, and it went like that on every trip.. he made time to get to know the local culture and customs.

Jerre has experimented with many types of photography, but his strength lies in event and travel photography, as well as unconventional model photography and don’t forget Event photography. As long as the assignment brings him some adventure and meaningful connections, he’s all for it and invites others to join him on his adventure.