Lowa: A Reliable Choice for Demanding Conditions

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Throughout my military career, my preference for Lowa footwear has grown since the beginning of our training as light infantry on foot. With heavy backpacks and enduring harsh conditions, it was essential to have reliable shoes that would help us overcome challenges without complications. Lowa is one of the favorite brands for military personnel, especially in wet and rugged conditions, where the well-being of our feet is ensured.

Beyond my military work, Lowa quickly became one of my favorite brands to use during my adventures. Not only are their professional shoes top quality, but their hiking shoes are also of excellent class, especially the Lowa Renegade GTX MID. They are lightweight, sturdy, and after a whole day of walking, you hardly notice that you still have them on. It’s often one of the first things people do after an intensive day: take off their shoes. At an older age, I now realize that this is normal, but honestly, until my forties, I only realized in the evening that I still had my shoes on without any discomfort.

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One of the reasons why Lowa stands out is the exceptional quality of the materials they use. The upper material is made of 100% nubuck leather. Nubuck leather is full-grain leather that has been lightly sanded on the grain side, giving it a velvety appearance. It is known for its remarkable durability, robustness, and open pores. Depending on the desired look, nubuck leather can remain untreated or be oiled or waxed.

Another important feature is the 100% GORE-TEX lining. Shoes with a GORE-TEX membrane are reliably waterproof, windproof, and breathable. This ensures that our feet stay dry and comfortable even in the most challenging weather conditions, allowing us to focus on the task at hand.

With Lowa, I have firsthand experienced the reliability and performance these shoes provide. Whether it’s trekking through rugged terrain, enduring long marches, or operating in demanding environments, Lowa has consistently delivered. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail make them a trusted companion for military personnel and anyone dealing with demanding conditions.

In conclusion, since the beginning of my military career, Lowa has been one of my top preferred choices for footwear. The combination of high-quality materials such as nubuck leather and the reliable GORE-TEX lining ensures that my feet are well-protected in challenging conditions. With Lowa, I have the confidence to overcome any obstacle, knowing that my feet are in reliable hands.

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