Navigating the (Challenging) Road of Connor Pass

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It’s important to know that the Connor Pass is not accessible for buses or vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons, or vehicles exceeding the maximum width of 1.8 meters (6 ft). The pass is located at an elevation of approximately 456 meters (1,496 feet) above sea level. Nonetheless, it still offers breathtaking views and remains a popular route for tourists exploring County Kerry.

You can drive with a large camper to the base of the pass if you’re coming from the R560, but then you’ll need to turn around. Honestly, personally, I found the parking lot at the pass to be the most beautiful, but the pass itself didn’t impress me as much. I have personally seen many more stunning places in Ireland. In my humble opinion, the pass is overly hyped, and I understand that this statement may not sit well with everyone, for which I apologize. Getting there can already be a challenge in itself. Challenging depends what kind of vehicle you ar driving

The Connor Pass is known for its narrow roads and hairpin bends, which can be challenging for larger vehicles such as campers that meet the maximum requirements to access the pass. While there’s no specific prohibition for campers on the Connor Pass, it’s generally not recommended to drive this mountain pass with a camper due to limited space and difficult terrain.


The yellow roadside sign indicates which vehicles need to turn around.
The yellow roadside sign indicates which vehicles need to turn around.

The road on the Connor Pass is narrow, winding, with steep slopes, and sometimes limited visibility. It can be difficult to pass oncoming traffic, especially when traveling with a larger vehicle. Additionally, there are no special facilities such as wide parking lots or camper-friendly amenities along the road.

If you’re traveling with a camper, it’s wiser to consider an alternative route, such as the N86 road, which still takes you through the beautiful landscape of County Kerry but without the challenges of the narrow and winding roads of the Connor Pass. It’s always advisable to follow the traffic signs and local recommendations when planning your route with a camper, as shown in one of my photos here.

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