Investigation into the Collaboration between VeChain and BMW Group: Facts and Fiction

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By jeroen

In 2018, VeChain Thor (VET) prominently announced across various media that a collaboration was set to begin with the BMW Group, which includes the brands BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce. This announcement was published on their website (VET),  Click here to visit the article and here a screenshot from vechain –>follow link

But does BMW officially confirm this collaboration? After reviewing all the press releases, it appears that there is no direct confirmation from BMW.

If you go to the official site of the BMW group or to the site for press news there is, unfortunately, nothing to be found:

However, my investigation does not end here. An interesting article on BMW’s site, published on November 11, 2019, by Dr. Andre Luckow, head of the BMW IT group, discusses the potential of blockchain in the automotive industry and how it can provide effective solutions. click here for the link. I have added screenshots for clarity. Notably, Dr. Luckow follows VeChain on Twitter, and vice versa, although BMW itself does not follow VeChain on this platform.

Furthermore, I discovered that the BMW Group has been investing in the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) since 2018. Yet, I found no direct link between VeChain and MOBI, neither on their website nor through their Twitter interactions. The only notable point is that MOBI, like Dr. Luckow, follows Ripple.

After much digging, I found a document on BMW’s site suggesting that there indeed is a collaboration, but not directly with VET. Especially when we look at the official documents that I present here. (link)

It would be beneficial if the BMW Group and MOBI would more openly state that they are indeed using VeChain Thor’s technology on the blockchain.

On the MOBI site I found this document assigned to Chris ( (I do not know If they realize this document is public reachable) What would be a complete JOKE!

What is MOBI? MOBI is a non-profit alliance of some of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, alongside startups, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), transit agencies, insurers, e-mobility leaders, blockchain protocols, technology companies, and more. This group works on simple blockchain-based standards to identify vehicles, people, businesses, and trusted trips. MOBI’s goal is to make transportation more efficient, affordable, greener, safer, and less congested. Major players such as the BMW Group, Renault Group, Ford, and Toyota Industries Group are members of this alliance. This raises questions about why the focus is only on BMW when the issue spans a much larger scale, and why VeChain Thor (VET) then remains limited is a mystery.

In light of the possibility that future links may become inaccessible, I have added downloadable PDFs of the documents discussed to my website. This ensures that you can access the crucial evidence supporting VeChain Thor’s involvement with BMW Group and their collective interest in blockchain initiatives like MOBI, regardless of any future changes to online content. Explore these documents to deepen your understanding of this complex collaboration narrative.

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