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By jeroen

Yes, oh yes (Carl Cox)…. I have made a new coin list for the scalpers out there.  You have already had a taste of a few new coins on my Twitter account. With some nice gains like 8% in one hour….wow… We just came out of a slump (BTC drop last month) So my coin selection was a bit more difficult. Although there are coins you can always count on. A scalp coin is by definition not the currency that rises the fastest, but rather makes the most fluctuations in our favor.


I am not crazy about DCA, but manual DCA can be used  in my opinion on the following coins:


for the real daredevils, your scalp bot DCA@ -16% after 12 hours (triple up (you will soon run out of your amount cash. but in the long term, it can yield some gems … again for the real daredevils (I would not do this)

For BITVAVO users

these coins are the best to use ANT    BAT    CHZ      ELF    FET     LOOM    OGN   POWR   PUNDIX    RLC

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