Discovering the Hidden Gems of Gleninchaquin Park from Waterfalls, Stone Circles, till Wild Goats

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While driving to Gleninchaquin Park on one of our first days in Ireland, we couldn’t wait to see its beauty, and we already knew it would be an exceptionally beautiful place. Even the rainy conditions we encountered on the way felt like a welcome greeting from the Irish landscape known for its drizzly weather. Of course, we hoped it would stay dry during our walk, but unfortunately, it was not to be.

Despite the rainfall and the soggy trail, our hike through Gleninchaquin Park was an experience we will never forget. The enchanting landscape with its imposing mountains, babbling rivers, and impressive waterfalls made an unforgettable impression. It was as if we were in a postcard of a picturesque Irish countryside.

Gleninchaquin Park is not only a place for adventurers and nature lovers but also for those who want to enjoy the peace and quiet that this environment offers. It is a place where you can breathe in the fresh air and let your mind wander while enjoying the stunning surroundings. Our experience in the park was an adventure that we cherish, and we can’t wait to return and discover even more of this extraordinary natural treasure of Ireland.

“Discovering the Cultural Heritage of Gleninchaquin Park in Ireland”

The Gleninchaquin Park also contains several interesting heritage sites. One of the most important of these is the Gleninchaquin Falls, a series of beautiful waterfalls that stretch over a distance of about one kilometer. These waterfalls are a popular attraction for visitors and offer a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape.

Another important heritage site in the park is the Gleninchaquin Stone Circle, a prehistoric stone circle dating back to the Bronze Age. The circle consists of seven stones and is an important remnant of early human history in this area.

There are also other historical sites in the park, such as old farms and ruins of an ancient settlement. These places offer visitors a fascinating insight into the history and culture of this part of Ireland. The people have lived here in the valley for many hundreds of years. The early settlers camped, cooked and bathed beside the stream from the waterfall, surviving mainly on wild game they hunted in the surrounding area. They know for sure that in the 1800s almost 100 people lived here. Today, the population of the area is just…2.

In short, Gleninchaquin Park offers not only a beautiful natural environment but also an interesting cultural history that is worth exploring.
Interesting facts: The park played an important role in the Irish independence struggle. During the years of resistance against British rule, the park was used as a hiding place and meeting place by rebels who fought for Ireland’s independence.

The region is also known for its traditional music. In the surrounding villages, sessions are regularly organized where local musicians come together to play traditional Irish music. These sessions offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the rich musical culture of the area.

Finally, the region is also known for its herds of wild goats. These goats roam freely in the hills and mountains around the park and are an important part of the local flora and fauna. It is even possible to encounter wild goats while hiking.


if you want to hike in Gleninchaquin Park, it is better to park your car at Gleninchaquin Stone Circle, where you can save up to 7 euros per adult. Large campers will have a hard time getting there due to the narrow road and few passing points for oncoming traffic. I also suspect that too-long campers will frequently hit the road with their back due to the many small steep hills.

Gleninchaquin Heritage Site

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“This is the road you can expect, it is easily manageable by car (if not lowered). But with a camper, it can be a bit more challenging.”

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