First Impressions of Montenegro: A Tale of Contrast

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By jeroen

Upon entering Montenegro from Croatia, I was immediately struck by the stark contrasts. The evident signs of poverty and corruption were disheartening, highlighting a struggle reminiscent of what our grandparents faced decades ago. However, my journey took a serene turn when I decided to leave the E65 and drive along the coastline.

Discovering Baošići, a picturesque village nestled along the Adriatic Sea, was a refreshing escape. This tranquil spot, with its breathtaking views and timeless charm, enveloped me in a quintessential Mediterranean atmosphere. The warmth of the sun and the soothing sea breeze helped dissolve all worries from back home.

While Montenegro grapples with its challenges, places like Baošići serve as poignant reminders of the beauty and peace that still exist within its borders. This village, a true slice of paradise, remains a cherished memory from my travels.

Traveling along a road parallel to the E65, navigating narrow paths where every turn could bring an unexpected encounter with an oncoming car. It’s not until later in the journey that I fully appreciate the serenity provided by the sparse traffic of the Corona era. This snapshot, taken in Đurići just before a sharp left turn, captures the first true essence of Montenegro’s rugged beauty. A moment of tranquility and a glimpse into the soul of this fascinating country. (see picture below)

(The name Montenegro comes from the Venetian “monte negro” which means “black mountain”. It refers to the dark forests that cover the mountains of Montenegro.)

The meaning of ‘black mountain’ (is fully appreciated here, with a beautiful view of Gospa od Anđela-Verige

 and the first view of Perast,

which is my final goal that day to do a miraculous hike along a trail that over the years has been forgotten.

But now it is …..Time to start my walk to Fort sv Andrija

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